Hello August.  August means two things, the end of summer and the time of year the kids go back to school which means once again having a quiet house for part of the day.

Last week I had a kidney stone removed, that was fun, actually I was asleep when it happened, but the aftermath has been... well... not fun.  Next week I get to have the stent removed, that'll be interesting.  I also get to have an MRI of my knee, after a year I really want to find out what's going on with it.

I've taken a break from one book I've been reading "Contagious" and switched to "Acceleration".  Acceleration is written by a startup lawyer and goes over how he believes it he proper way to setup a corporation.  I've learned many things, one being the taxes in Delaware are crazy, but I get why people pay them to setup their corps there.  That state might be small, but they are also brilliant when it comes to corporate law.

Speaking of business, this weekend I'm hoping to get the Android version of the classroom app complete.  I'm at one of those points that feels like I'm climbing a mountain, you slow down a bit and have to push yourself to the top, then it's easy as you just walk down the other side.  The mountain this time is just taking my initial version adding network sensing features to require the user to be online when making certain updates and interacting with the new Restful API.

The nice thing is, once I'm done with that app I can reuse a bunch of the code on the other three apps I'm building.  I'm still deciding whether I want to outside some of the other software I want to create for the educational site. Part of me thinks that's a great idea to save time, but another part of me doesn't want to have to deal with rewriting bad code, then even when you do have software created then you have to be able to maintain it because frameworks and phones get updated and so does the software. Same when it comes to potentially buying software packages to get some services online faster, but I'm more of the take the time to build it, not only will I save money but then it'll just have to be upgraded over time not completely rebuilt.

Well overall this was a crazy, tiring, busy, insane week...  Unfortunately this upcoming week feels like its going to be the same. I'm already looking forward to it being over.