Hello from Oregon.  Yup it was time for our families annual trip to Oregon, we're half way through now.

So I've been a busy little bee, trying to complete a web service, 3 ionic apps and making my framework available online.

So to start things off I've replaced my custom syncing system with a Restful API that I built into my framework, I figured if I was going to do this I should do it right making sharing data between my sites and apps as universal as possible.  Plus now anyone can use my framework for just building a Restful API if they want and it comes with JWT support for authentication.

So for this relaunch there is this site, Conversion Focused and Lessons Tutorials.  Which I've seeded with a few more articles and I'll actively try to add a new article every week or so depending on what else is going on on my life.

Apart from that I am creating a new corporation and will slowly wind down and dissolve my old corp.  The primary reason is to just to be able to start with a new clean slate after 16 years, especially with the relaunch of the educational app and two other apps.

So when will all that happen, it's already in motion.