End of the first full week of my first challenge of 2020 and overall I think it went "okay". It wasn't great, my mind was definitely not in full focus mode, but a little progress is still progress.

This past week I did start the health side of my challenge. From starting to exercise, to cutting out the majority of the candy I eat weekly to just eating healthier and not stuffing myself. Overall I feel really good about that aspect and don't feel any of those changes are a burden. This week I want to add stretching and Yoga to my exercise schedule as my inflexibility is definitely hurting some of my other exercises. Looking forward to ramping things up and seeing where I am by the end of this challenge before I ramp things up even more!

I made some progress with my business this week, making a number of fixes and feature additions. I did get my LessonsTutorials.com website operational. ConversionFocused.com and CeliacCook.com are almost ready, I just had a slow down at the end of the week. The goal for the rest of this month is to get those last two sites online and to finish two apps I'm working on, there may even be a bonus app, but I'm still working on the details of that.

My path towards where I want to get to has never been so clear, my goals burning in my head. The three websites I'm releasing right now aren't designed to generate any type of revenue initially, they are where I can post things I learn as I push forward with all my other endeavors. Coding blockages I feel others may be interested in learning how I solved, what I've learned and utilized to try and create content and generate traffic and conversions on my future apps and sites and of course recipes I've tried with my family and friends. The real start of my business begins once I launch my initial apps and the moment I get that first subscription or ad click, the next stage is when I launch my web portals and start getting free members converting to paid members. Those two stages then feed into the next stage after that and then the next...

I have big goals on so many levels, from my business, to my health, to my family. The path is set, I just need to fight through the overwhelming issues of life to get there, but I will get there within three 100 day challenge cycles... 2019 didn't just light a fire, it ignited an inferno and this raging blaze is going to grow and grow until all its ambitions become possible.

And on that note... It's time to continue the journey and to end this entry. Hope you all have a good day!