So the second week of my first challenge of 2020 has ended and I’ve now entered the third week. Last week was full of ups and downs as is every week these days, it’s been hard to cleanse my mind, but I know it’s just temporary and given a bit of time things will be back to the new norm and progress will increase. But that said, I have made progress...

Let me start with my health initiative. Last week was a good week, probably not as great as it could have been as I did eat a bit more junk then I had meant too, but again this isn’t a diet, this is me just working with my normal routine and overall I did lose between 1-2 lbs this week, so I can’t really complain. Along with eating well for the most part, I’ve also kept to my exercise routine and I both dread and look forward to continuing this upcoming week. It takes a bit of time to make things routine and I’m not 100% there yet, but I keep showing up. I do acknowledge comparing this year to pervious years that in previous years I would give up too soon during a routine, this year I have found new emotions I can focus on when I start feeling I can’t squeeze in that last rep or two and it helps. So far I’ve squeezed out all my arm routines and every day I focus on my core I can find myself doing a little bit more and more, so I’m excited about seeing where I will be when this challenge comes to an end at the end of April and moving on to the next challenge with that strength.

My business is slowly being reborn from the ashes which it was... Gee Industries Inc. is now registered and this upcoming week the rest of the necessary forms will be filed and accounts setup. Reflecting on the past, one of the issues I always found when picking upside projects or even working on my own projects was a scattered feeling. With Gee Industries everything is united. Not just the single core site which allows me to manage all the sites and apps I’m building from a central location, but every product and service fits under a specific “division” of Gee Industries allowing me to have a unified view of everything. I can see how “this” fits with “that” and how when things grow those pieces will shift and evolve.

Speaking of unification, it seems like the educational app piece which I was working on with another individual isn’t dead. However, unlike last time where again my time was divided between two companies, we’re building and managing the app under the new company, thus keeping everything nicely organized under one umbrella. We’ll hopefully be launching a prototype in the next month or so, currently the individual I’m working with is working with the schools to come up with how the app needs to work.

So overall the business piece is moving forward which is good because many of my goals depend on the business growing which will lead to new opportunities and connections. I do have that ache in me that wishes I was already where I needed to be, but then I remind myself, we can’t change the past and if we could things would be completely different at this point in time, we can only use our past to shape our future. What I am building now is just the kindle that will be used to light the bonfire.

Week two comes and there is much to do. This week all the initial site foundations become linked together through core, which will include a bunch of API testing both between websites and mobile applications. If I am feeling optimistic, I may even try to write an article or two for Lessons and Tutorials on the API system and how to create the basic system. It’ll also mean the start of construction of the business management and creator management areas, which will allow business it create business listing on specific sites, among other things, and creators to create content for the social sites.

All I can say for week three is, bring it!