Games. Games can be fun... My general go to games are "Dead by Daylight" and "Left 4 Dead 2". In one you either play one survivor of four survivors or the killer and in the other you're in a group of 4 trying to survivor zombies. What's not to like. I find it a great way to release tension and to help give my head a break form whatever is on my mind. That said, games are also a time sink. A single game in either can last an hour and of course if you have a bad game then that can be counter productive so then you have to play another... That's how they are designed, it makes even more sense after reading some of the books I've been reading...

It is hard, most days, to get my mind focused. Games definitely help a bit with that, not as much as other things, but games have always been easily available and this past week I've leaned on them more then usual. But I really can't afford to do that, so much is resting on getting things off the ground.

SO... It may be hard for the next week or so, until things get back to a more normal daily life, but I've uninstalled all the games off my computer. I just can't justify them stealing my time right now, I wouldn't say I won't install them again in the future, I can't picture that (currently at least), but for now they have to be put aside.

Perhaps I'll look into some types of meditation which might be able to help refocus my head to help, a 15-20 minute meditation sounds better then a 60 minute or more game. Well perhaps not better, but at least a better use of my time in order to get back into coding and planning and all that in order to get some revenue generating.

This year is all about evolving, perhaps that includes getting out of the digital and into the real world. Time will tell. Until then, I need to get back to it!