I had meant to post last week Sunday, but I was in the middle of updating the API. Though part of the system utilized a Restful API, the other part utilized a custom API. To keep things universal, I’ve moved everything over to the Restful API, I’ve also added refresh tokens and placed everything on CRON jobs, so everything now operates automatically.

This is my entry for the past two weeks, which also means I have thirteen weeks left in this challenge. I haven’t made “progress” as much as I just made “improvements”. Primarily to the API system, but those updates needed to happen, so that the API will talk to more standardized classes for the apps I’m writing and for creating APIs that other developers can consume in the future for certain projects. Mentally it’s been hard, I had removed my games two weeks ago, thinking that that would force me to just battle through things, but I ended up just brewing, which I think made things worse, so today I’ve added a couple back, not the game that ate up too much time, but one of my quick games. We’ll see how that changes things up.

It’s been harder to focus on my health initiative, but I think part of that is just because part of me feels that I should be spending that time getting more coding done. I did better this last Friday, but overall, I need to be able to focus more on that, too many times in the past I’ve given up and I don’t want to let that happen this time. That said I have been making progress, at least with my pushups and sit-ups, when I started I could only do a couple pull-ups with the band, now I’m up to six in a row with the band or one without, with another 13 weeks, it’ll be interesting to see where I can get to.

On the business front, I’ve as mentioned above been working on the API and updating the different websites to handle the changes. This week is going to be crazy busy with many late nights as I try to finish up the teacher app I’m creating, there was a bit of a mix up as I thought I was waiting for new documentation on this new app, instead of taking what was already created and modifying it down. No biggy, just means a lot to do before the 9th when I’m meeting with the teacher, I’m working with to go over the app. Also not sure if I’ll be able to have the apple version ready by then, since everything is going under the new name, which means a bunch of legal stuff has to be taken care of first so I can setup an apple developer account under the new business name and then have time to get the app approved. BUT, we can at least go over it on the Android phone, since you technically don’t even have to go through the app store for Android.

So today I’m finishing up on API integration. I have to make bread and finish cleaning up downstairs. Then I get to focus the rest of the day and week on the app. It’s going to be crazy!

Well time to get to it, another week begins!