Another week vanishes into the abyss of the past. Unfortunately, it was a very unproductive week, mainly because most of the family and my self was sick with what appeared to be the flu. Concentration was not a high priority while feel just downright miserable.

As you could imagine, I did not exercise, at all. But I’m feeling pretty good tonight, apart from a very minor runny nose, so I’m hoping to kick things back into action tomorrow. Of course, playing catch up will also play into my mind and if it’s anything like previous times, generally overcomes my desire to exercise with my desire to code. Which can be rather annoying, I really need to find ways to be able to focus on exercising and not allowing other things monopolize my mind. Part of me things that will just come in time as products and services are launched and I can feel that I can breathe, instead of feeling I am in a race to get things off the ground.

Speaking of coding being a monopoly. The next two days are going to be insanely busy as I attempt to get the MVP (minimal viable product) of my IEP Log application working for a meeting to show it off on Wednesday (unless the meeting moves). It’s crazy to think that this month is almost halfway done, I have SO much to do to get back on schedule. I feel like I’m climbing another mountain, and the problem there is it is hard to get to the top, learning new things, testing those new things and then implementing them. But the nice thing is once I do get to the top, it feels great going downhill until I reach the next mountain to climb.

There are so many things I want to do, and it kills me that I must work on one project at a time. But I do. That is the only way forward. Each project will feed the next and then the next as the corporation slowly grows and takes form, becoming what I need it to become. I can only hope that some of the products and services I build take off so that I can hire other brighter minds to help me grow things faster.

I think it’s time to get some sleep. Tomorrow things should hopefully begin to get back to normal with any luck as I have a ton of programming to do, I think tomorrow night and Tuesday night are going to be late nights.

Night world!