Well we are back home now after two weeks visiting family.

Tomorrow starts the first day of my health initiative, I'm not viewing this like a diet as I have in previous years, this has to be a lifestyle change. So this first 100 days I'll be modifying how much I eat with what I currently prepare and finding new yummy recipes to replace some of my old breakfast and lunch meals with healthy options, I'll also be cutting out the majority of candy I eat (as I eat a lot). I'll be using MyFitnessPal to track calorie intake and adjusting as needed. In addition to just eating more healthy, I'll be incorporating daily exercises again with a focus on push-ups, pull-ups and core as I try to get ready for p90x which I hope to complete during my next 100 day challenge.

I want to clean up my office tomorrow, as I think better without the clutter. My goal this week is to work on content load for "Conversion Focused", "Lessons Tutorials" and finishing up and doing some content load for "Celiac Cook". If I need to take a break from that there is always modifying the content management system to handle writer profiles for the future content creator piece, or working on the mobile apps while I think will be released before the social sites, but we'll see.

This week there needs to be some focus on the house and taking down the Christmas decorations.

So all-in-all it is going to be a really busy first week home, luckily the kids will be in school for part of the day, so part of this is going to require some better scheduling of time and deciding what I can do while they are at school and what I can do between picking them up from school, making dinner and helping get them to their after school activities before the day vanishes... In the end it'll come together, somehow it always does. I may get an app to track my time on different things, then I can use that to see where I can make adjustments.

Speaking of the day vanishing, I think it's time to get the kids ready for bed.