Day 9 of my first challenge of the year, I've added a few coding articles to Lessons & Tutorials and unlocked the site so it's now visible to the public. Still LOTS to do there, also in updating and adding what I did add I found some issues with some of the modules I had to update. I also noticed a few features that are missing that I need to add, but I didn't figure all that out just from what I was doing today, last night I ended up reading a few articles on starting a blog and it had some great ideas. I'll probably post an article on Conversion Focused regarding it.

But overall, progress is being made and at this point I just want to get sites to the point where I can at least launch them. I can deal with clean up and adding features over time. Which is a new thought process for me, I generally like things to be done perfectly to begin with, but what I've come to realize over the past year is that things will never get launched if I did that. I truly am looking forward to the day when I can just come up with ideas and other people can build them, but that is down the road and I say down the road because I am an optimist.

Beyond my business, I've starting focusing on my health as I think I mentioned in my previous post. So far I've been sticking with the changes and my body is in pain because of it, not as much as it was yesterday. Unfortunately your health at my age doesn't get any easier moving forward, so I need to set myself up now so I can just maintain moving forward. Besides, the salads I have for lunch are definitely healthier then a snickers and yogurt :p

My brain is going at about a thousand miles per hour right now, but now I have to take a break and make dinner (and work on the kitchen), but I'll be back at it later this evening. My goal is to have my other two informational sites up this weekend and then over the next two weeks to work on my mobile apps, hopefully having those out by the end of the month or early next month before I switch course and refocus on my social/informational portals.

Well to anyone reading this... Have a good night!