Welcome to my personal website, if you do not know me, my name is Marcus and since 2000 I've been developing web properties for various companies (ie: Version Business) and organizations (ie: Engineers Without Borders). All the while I've tried dabbling with various business ventures, from starting my own web development firm (Aspen Web Studio) to trying my hand at various social networking sites I've built (Crafting Space), all of which were eventually closed for one reason or another.

Like many people (Walt Disney, Colonel Harland David Sanders, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, etc.)  attempting to build something, it takes time, it also takes a lot o failures, but most of all it takes persistence. I definitely have the lot of failures down, but I also have persistence down and a loving a supportive wife (which is very important).

For me the problem was my mind is ALWAYS shifting. I built a framework and then rebuilt it and rebuilt it again and again because I kept thinking of better ways of doing it. While I did that I was working on multiple projects, my mind was split between everything, not to mention ALL the time I spent on projects for work. It has always been an issue for me and one I know that has held me back. I've actually been using the same framework for the past 5 or so years now, which is amazing, but it has also allowed me to focus on building sites rather then rebuilding the core over and over.

These past two years have been the most focused for me. I spent much of my time when not working insane hours for work working with another individual to build an educational app for teachers, unfortunately a large company with massive resources got to market before we did. But when I was taking a break from work and that I continued to work on the frameworks for my own projects.

In the end that is what it has all been about. Building my own web and mobile properties initially then expanding out, not for profit, that is a side product from a good product or service, but to make an impact on peoples daily lives and not just those utilizing the products and services but those we can help through charitable giving from the sale of those products and services.

I have never been one to settle, my goals are vast and some may even say impossible, but it is my resolve to reach those goals burning inside me that keep me going. I am incapable of giving up, it is not in my nature, but I have been lax in my goals, more so then I should have been. However, 2019 was for me a transformative year, not just because of how much I've gotten down with my frameworks and how close I am now to launching my initial products and services, but also because of the many events which occurred during 2019 and how those events changed me fundamentally.

This website is about my evolution. Last year I did a 100 day challenge, which went well overall (You can find that on my Facebook page), despite life getting in the way here and there. So my goal is to continue with 100 day challenges and to use this website as a way to record my progress and a place for me to share my thoughts, inspirations and successes.

So if you have any interest in following me on my journey, not only of building my own business, but improving myself, then I welcome you to follow along. It'll be a journey full of many ups and downs, but in the end it should be a journey of discovery and learning.

It is going to be a busy year. This is day 1 of 2020 and of my first 100 day challenge, at the end of this challenge I should be at the point where I am building traffic for some of my web properties and users for some of my mobile apps. There is a lot to do and I'm looking forward to sharing my journey with you. Let the evolution begin!