Another incredibly long week has come to an end. It was full of reporting and very little coding, unfortunately. Hopefully this next week will be more productive.

As you could imagine I did not get or up and running, I just did not have the time with every day ending around midnight or later… But I have made a bit of progress regarding automating some of the reports I’ve been doing using PHP, because that’s what I do!

BUT… That said I did make “some” progress this weekend.  I got the foundations for all my websites set.  This means that I have the various theme files uploaded, settings configured, database created and various other technical things.

I think my goal for this week is to just get the membership systems setup on each site, since they all use basically the same codebase, I would think that though it might take a bit of time in at the start, the rest of the sites should be straight forward with primary focus on manipulating the theme.

We shall see what I end up completing by the end of the week, but I’m on the clock at this point, I must be able to make use of this time granted to me to build traffic on these sites in order to eventually generate some revenue from them.  I can’t do that if I haven’t launched them and it would be highly disappointing to go another six months without launching, especially since I know I am on the right path now… Least I feel it is.

Let’s see, Halloween was a success, we hit up both our neighborhood and another as we normally do.  This year hitting one we haven’t done before, so it was nice checking out some different decorations. My goal is to deck our house out next year, but that will depend on things stabilizing.  It would also be great to hold a Halloween party, I’ve wanted to do that for a while.

Well time to make dinner, then back to some coding before another week begins!