It has been a good week. I had interviewed with a company regarding a remote opportunity last week and though the job was given to a developer who knew more about WordPress it was not a complete waste.

The job was for managing multiple websites via a centralized website, just like what I am trying to do, except they are using WordPress, thus why I didn’t get that job.  But regardless, during the interview we talked about a variety of systems related to how they are controlling their own sites which got me thinking.

All my sites are based around a master/slave architecture.  But I was approaching parts of it wrong and I didn’t see it until I had my interview, this new approach is SO much similar then what I was going to attempt to do.

I spent what free time I had during the week and this weekend to building out the start of this modified architecture, completing the sign-up, sign-in and password reset systems.  Which doesn’t sound like a lot, but it is key to building out the account features and eventually the community piece of my sites.

So this week when I’m not working on reporting I’ll be working on member account management and starting community features if I get that far.  I also need to work on ShftOvr a bit, I might redo part of the syncing system, but I really need to get that app and site online, especially now with me being able to create a bank account and seed it so the company itself can pay for things.

So now I’m going to get back to it!