That felt like an extremely long week. On top of the regular reporting there were a bunch of special reports that had to be created. In fact, one is still not completely done, the numbers seemed odd.

As you could probably imagine, I did not find the time to start building out the community features on my sites nor did I have time to touch ShftOvr.  A bit disappointing, but I did make more progress on the automation system I am putting in place to help speed up all the reports I am generating.  That is something that I am excited about.

So, the weekend was a welcomed period of decompression.  Unfortunately, my mind started to drift into all the different projects I still want to build out, including the ever-elusive game, so of course instead of spending time playing some of the games I enjoy playing on my free time, I spent the time looking into Unity3D, Lumberyard (By Amazon of all companies) and Unreal.

My goal for my game is an open world fantasy game, with an emphasis of players having to work together to achieve anything of significance apart form just surviving as a hermit, which players should be able to do as well.  Apart from the game engine, it also means learning to write a game server, which I’m thinking of using NodeJS right now.  Least in the beginning as that is also a useful web skill to have, two birds with one stone, so-to-speak.

I did start mapping out the billing systems for my web sites and building out the management area. I have a friend who is looking to have me build her a website, I also have another client using an old framework of mine.  So, I have a bit of a push to get my Origin Host service operational, which will require billing among other things.  But the management of the sites will be utilizing the same framework as my sites, which was the point of building the service in the first place.

So, it is Thanksgiving week, I’m hoping it will be a quiet week where apart from my normal reporting I’ll be able to focus on some of my own things.  I can say I need to focus on this or that, but it all adds up to everything.  In the end I tell myself it doesn’t matter what you work on as long as you work on something because in the end it all needs to be done and it all interacts with each other on some level.

So hope everyone has a good Thanksgiving, if that is something you celebrate and I’ll report again next weekend!